Welcome to CHeriScape

CHeriScape is a landscape-focused network initially funded for three years (2014-2016) by the pilot call of the European Joint Programming Initiative on ‘Cultural Heritage – A Challenge for Europe.  Our aim was to examine more closely how landscape and heritage are mutually supportive concepts which in combination offer a way to release the social and economic benefits of both.

Over our original three-year lifetime, we organised five international and interdisciplinary conferences on the theme of ‘landscape as heritage’, each hosted in one of our partner countries – Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Britain – and drawing in people from many disciplines and many countries. We also organised similar sessions at other conferences to hear from an even wider community.

Each of our five conferences had its distinctive special focus and flavour, but they all revolved around the single overall theme of how to integrate the ideas of landscape and heritage’. They all included presentations from many invited speakers and from researchers responding to open calls for poster presentations, but at their heart was discussion between researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders.

At the end of the JPI-financed project in November 2016 we organised a small colloquium to discuss our emerging conclusions with a selection of participants at our conferences; at a separate meeting, we also began to discuss our emerging conclusions with policy makers at EU level. Enriched by these meetings, our conclusions will in due course appear on this web page and elsewhere, and the CHeriScape network will lives on.

For all your enquiries, you can use: info@cheriscape.eu

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