At the heart of the CHeriScape initiative is an integrated series of five conferences to be held in 2014, 2015 and 2016. These CHeriScape Conferences will be:

  • researched-focused, looking beyond the limits of the state of the art in each topic;
  • practice-focused, finding social and environmental benefit in the landscape/heritage synergy.

Each conference will explore a different aspect of the importance to society of ‘landscape as heritage’ – in the fields of policy, science and research, community, global change and virtual futures. Under these banners we will bring together researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and stakeholders, notably among the JPI-CH community, We will invite prominent and influential invited speakers from heritage and landscape fields to open up our debates, and to complement the experience of the CHeriScape team and our associates, thus helping us to harness the ideas and experience of a wide range of experts, thinkers and practitioners.

Underlying all five events will be an awareness that the potential of heritage to provide social benefits and of landscape perspectives to inform mainstream policy-making have not yet been fully realised. A combination of the two will offer new opportunities in line with the Faro Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society and the European Landscape Convention.

Concrete outcomes of the CHeriScape Conferences will include scientific publications and conference proceedings. We will also produce policy and public briefings, including briefings for the European research and policy community about how landscape and heritage help to address land-based and community-focused challenges. From the conferences will also flow relevant ideas for future research through further JPI-funded work and in the light of ESF/COST Science Policy Briefing ‘Landscapes in Changing World’ and, because of our network’s thematic kinship with environmental and community/social issues, more widely within Horizon 2020.


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