Landscape is not just a category of heritage, it is the world ‘as perceived by people’. It offers a way of seeing that connects people to place, contains social relationships and helps us understand and live with environmental change. CHeriScape will uncover the connections between landscape and heritage in both research and policy.

If there is a single field within the sphere of cultural heritage in which joint action is both particularly required and likely to be of widest value, it is probably this interface with the landscape and with the landscape idea, and with its encapsulation of history and identity, people and place and with its promise of stronger, democratically-derived and better informed polices for planning European futures.

Follow this link to read more about the approach CHeriScape wants to follow and what we want to achieve with our network.

Original partners

CHeriScape has partners in five countries – United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, The Netherlands and Belgium – and working in seven institutions. Our core management team covers all five partner countries and many disciplines related to heritage and landscape. As the conference series moves forward, we expect to gain many associates in other countries and further afield across Europe and beyond.

Funding bodies

CHeriScape is principally financed through JHEP and the JPI Cultural Heritage by our five national Research Councils:

  • AHRC – UK (Arts and Humanities Research Council);
  • MINECO – Spain (Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad, Secretaría de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación Research);
  • NWO – The Netherlands (Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research – Council for the Humanities Foundation);
  • FWO – Belgium (Flanders Research Foundation);
  • RCN– Norway (Research Council of Norway).

In addition, of course, all our partner institutions also contribute to the network in many ways both with financial and other support.


We are very pleased to register here our thanks to other people and organisations who provided financial help and sponsorship. This process started before the project began with a significant grant from the Riksantikvaren (the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage) and we enjoyed further support from many others as our series of conferences unfolded.

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